SMART CITY | Happy diwali 2018


Remarkable step of incredible india. A hope that blossoms our life. Recently…. Our honourable pm launched smart city-a program i.e. a boon for undeveloped cities.
I think our future is undoubtedly smart- smart homes, smart cars, smart cities. And as technology takes over repetitive, labourious work, the nation that lead the future will be the ones that place  a premium on what robots cannot do- human intelligence, human creativity. Tomorrow’s leader will be the one with the smartest people.
The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the area we live in, all determine how smart we can be. Studies have shown that children who are undernourished often donot achieve their full potential height for age(stunting) and weight.
They also do not achieve their full cognitive potential. Children cannot achieve their full height due to restricted nutrient supply for growth. This restricted supply also leads to functional damage to the brain, probably irreversibly.
The environment we live in plays its part. Frequent enteric infections, which could be due to lack of hygiene or sanitation, affect the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients. So even if the child has nutritious food, the body won’t able to absorb that nutrition.
In a sense, a child’s height on his or her second birthday could be a predictor of ‘’human capital’’. Poverty, crowded living conditions and lack of sanitation all increase in risk of diarrhea in children. So the success of swachh bharat campaign is essential not just for a cleaner india, but also for a smarter india.
The air we breathe is also preventing young people in india from achieving their full potential. Much concern has been expressed about sufficient jobs not being created for india’s youth cohort. Jobs alone are not the answer. Policy makers need to ensure young people in turn have the ability to meet the needs of the jobs of future. Investments in health, environment and its determinants – the social sector- the therefore, need to be priority.
I also to live in a smart city, i.e. free pollution, free diseases,etc. if you begin to  had understand it is not a project of your government while it is your dream city, the output will amazing.                                                            

                                                                                      Source-supriya bezbaruah (public health expert)


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