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Men Have Failed, Let Women Take Over


According to Rabindranath Tagore “women is god’s best creation”. She adds beauty, grace and charm to every aspect of life. Sadly enough, she has been neglected and her virtues glossed over by the predominantly male society. To quote miss universe, 1994 SushmitaSen,“women in India have become more aware of their rights as individuals and are now opting for higher positions at work, at the same time being a perfect housewife at home. This, then, is the stage at which women have reached today- thanks to their struggle for equality and, more importantly, because of the situation we have landed  ourselves into with men at the helm of affairs.
Men Have Failed, Let Women Take Over

Prejudices against women occupying positions of leadership are fast disappearing and their traditional role of sex objects being rejected. The male- dominated milieu, be it social or political, is no longer gratifying. It is plagued with bloodshed, vengeance, envy and immorality. Communalism, fundamentalism, violence and tensions have made peace and harmony things of the past. The world is permeated by chaos today. Only the benign and elevating presence of women on the top can help bring in a semblance of order in the present situation. Emotional, affectionate, caring and yet firm, a women is the perennial source of inspiration for man in his odyssey of life. She can definitely free the present world of its gore and ugliness.
Women like Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Margret Thatcher and their ilk have left a permanent imprint on the history of the present century. In the past, women like Joan of Arc and Lakshmi Bai have proved the strength of their convictions. If women are allowed to take over today, the world would be a happier and better place to live in. they are no longer frail and untrustyworthy, and they have risen far above the domestic drudgery. They are educated and aware enough to deal with any situation competently.
Women are no longer lifeless, inanimate objects. They have struggled hard to establish an identity of their own. They are liberal and possess strength enough to dream of a brave, new world. They are fully capable of articulating their hopes and aspirations- whether it is a ruling a country, scaling Mount Everest, flying in space, or displaying effective managerial skills. It reminds one pf Lord Byron, who said,
                “There is a tide in the affairs of women,
                                 God knows nowhere!”
That take-off point has been reached now. In the present chaotic world, only women can handle the situation and it in a better and more systematic manner. Women must be allowed to express and their identity and actively participate in all spheres of activity.
   But, along with this, the educational level of all women must be upgraded. They must be made aware of their duties, rights and responsibilities. They must be given equal succession and property right under the law. We can no longer afford to dismiss remarks
Coming from a woman as, “oh, she is just a woman!” for this, all derogatory references to woman and glorification of their so-called virtues must be deleted from folklore. Superstition and myths about women must be tested on the touchstone of rationality and an equal status be accorded to them in society. Once this is done, The world will certainly be a better place to live in.   


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