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Life insurance

                                                    Life insurance
 What is Life Insurance? Should I take life insurance? How much will it be worth taking life insurance? Try to answer all these questions here in simple English. The need for life insurance is different according to the age, income and responsibilities of everyone. Let's understand what life insurance is.
Can you tell if life can also be insured? Can we insure our life? Because life is given to God and life can take it back whenever God wants it. How can a person insure his life? Can life be recovered from getting life insured? So we have understood our duty that first remove this misconception.
Life insurance is not a life insurance after getting named Life Insurance. No company in the world can insure anyone's life. When a company insures a person, it does not happen that if something happens then it will be re-invested in it.
Life insurance
Life insurance

Life insurance provides protection to the family from the loss of its insured in the event of death of the insured. (A protection against the loss of income that will result in the insured passed away). In other words, what prevents the loss of income due to the family in the event of death of the insured is called life insurance. In today's era, when every other person lives in a house for a loan, then in this state, the need for life insurance also increases. Read also about the types of life insurance and learn what kind of insurance you should take.
how much life insurance should be taken
So how much insurance should be, it depends on the circumstances of every person, however, according to a simple equation, take out eight times the amount of money you earn in a year. In this, you reduce your liquidity assets such as cash, bank deposits and mutual funds, and your liabilities like loans, responsibility of children, any other responsibility (such as a small sister's wedding expenses or a crippled member of the house Be dependent on you) Add it to this. In this way, you must take the sum of the amount of insurance that you will get. Remember, also adjust what will be the effect of inflation. For this, see my previous article Resirement Solutions in Hindi. Also read about how life insurance premium is determined by which you can know how to determine your premium in case of taking life insurance.

If you want your family to be able to maintain this living standard forever in any untoward situation, consider how much insurance you need. Life Insurance In english  After reading what is life insurance, it has become clear in your mind that you need life insurance, it is also necessary to explain how much life insurance should be taken.



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