HOW DO I SEE MATHEMATICS | Happy diwali 2018



Mathematics – the part of my life which brings me a lot of enjoyment and energy to compete in various spheres.
It helps to raised my soul in our society. Its calculation section is a type of thrill that can be essence done in few seconds however it’s not matter, right or wrong.
In boring time I would like to playing with squaring of numbers.
Its geometrical part is always tough for me. Since childhood till my present, I never learnt how to draw a straight line by using scale but with a lot of practice about 4 to 5 times, finally am able to hit boundaries in this section during my examination .
The Mathematics increased my name, fame and impression in my school during my childhood when I scored full out of full and I was awarded for it.
I always try to keen my interest in mathematics. But I also two different opinions(people) in mathematics.
First,who take mathematics as a burden. They always think tocross atleast the cutoff marks.But they never undestand howis it important for us. It doesn’t only give us employment although it also give us a new eyes to see the world.
Second one, who are always topper in their classes they study maths to become topper or secure good marks. They never realizes the curosity of mathematics.
It is a way to gives fast mode of your brain through which you can easily cross any hinderance in your common life.
Mathematicans are as like firefly who always reflect light in any part of the universe even from dark. They always leave a mark before leaving any place or any field(i.e. sport, business, study,etc). A word is always moving along their shadow i.e. try till destination (success).
Mathematics never depends upon age and stage otherwise it always directly proportional to the practice of a student. Real mathematics is not result of a day, it takes over a long time to control on it.
People saw zero as a null but mathematican knows this null makes him as a gaint bull in his society. Finally, I think it is a mental revolution.               


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