Golden Key of sucess | Happy diwali 2018

Golden Key of sucess

                                             Golden Key of sucess
However, there are certain elements which are within his reach and on which success greatly depends. They comprise physical and mental abilities. The body must be fit to carry out fully what a man plans. Often well-planned schemes have failed on account of physical unfitness. Life is a bitter struggle and those who are physically weak cannot fight it. Intelligence is another quality which is essentially required for success. Mere physical strength without intelligence cannot carry a man very far.
       The next thing is mental fitness. This includes many virtues. First, he have a clear vision. This will enable him to hold before our mind, aim or purpose which he have capacity to realise. The life of divided aims exhausts his energy and tires him. He goes on from one scheme to another having faith in none and achieve nothing. Modern world is full of such failures. Steadiness and perseverance is another essence quality for success. Perseverance teaches him to be patient and plodding. In the world of nature as well as in the world of man, things grow by degree. Here progress is slow and steady. This is so because world is full of obstacles and these have to be overcome to reach the goal. There is no royal road to success. To fight with these impediments, patience and fortitude are required. He must go on with his work without haste, but this is possible if he can hold his soul in patience and proceed steadily and firmly keeping his goal in view.
        But clarity of vision and perseverance depend ultimately upon our character, which is the pivot on which the whole life turns. If character is not formed or where it is half-formed, men act by fits and starts, but never steadily. A man must have faith in his work, faith in his ability and control over his senses and faculties in order to work steadily. Right willing depends upon right thinking and right thinking upon right conduct. This is why character has been spoken of as crown and glory of life. 
                       It is the possession of greater or lesser degree of intelligence that decides who will lead and and who are able to led. The world is a place where the survival of the fittest is the law and fitness means as much physical fitness as mental alterness or intelligence. No doubt, there are other elements like honesty, truthfulness and presence of mind, but they are often to be found in a man of character. If he keep his body fit, his aim unclouded, if he possess perseverance, intelligence and character, he make his post a success.   


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