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Contentment holds the key to peace


Haven't you ever wished that you were living the life of someone else? Haven't you ever wished that you were smarter, born into a richer family, and had opportunities and things that you don't have at the present?

I have.
I have to admit that I have wished for such things in the past. And whenever I have thought like that, my mind has not been at peace. I have felt restless and discontented.
Discontentment leads to greed. When you're dissatisfied with what you have, you begin to yearn for the possessions of others and devise dubious ways of acquiring them. And the first thing such an action does is to shatter the peace in our minds and hearts, because deep inside, a voice is continuously reminding us, "You are wrong! You are at Fault!"
I live in a part of India which, in the summer of 2013, witnessed a never-before-happened catastrophe when a lake in the high Himalayas burst due to several days of incessant rains. As the mountain of swirling waters gushed down, they swept away anything and everything that stood in their way―vehicles, homes, shops and even bridges.
After the killing waters receded and normalcy returned, I realized that our little town was not the same as it was before. It was a collage of broken homes, battered lives and shattered structures.
Thankfully our house was unharmed and everyone in our locality was safe.
This incident has made me see life in a new light and realize the real value of things which I had till then taken for granted. I understood how important it is to value the present and be at peace with what we have instead of pining for newer and better things. To quote Fredrick Keonig, "We tend to forget that happiness and peace do not come as a result of getting something we don't have but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."
Today when I sweep my house, a chore which I earlier hated to do, I feel grateful to God to let me have what I have and the chance to take care of it. What once seemed boring is now a boon.
Contentment holds the real key to peace, and to cultivate contentment, we need to connect to our inner voice and listen to what it has to say.
Whether one meditates, prays, or listens to the songs of nature, we need to allow ourselves some time to hear what is in our hearts―listen to our inner voice, the voice of our soul. Connecting with my inner voice makes me better equipped to deal with the world outside cheerfully and in a calm manner.
My inner voice tells me many things. It guides me through the twists and turns of life. It is like a reliable compass that makes its presence felt the very moment I am able to switch off the noisy, distracting, chaotic, sounds around me. Connecting to my inner voice is akin to taking a dip in an ocean of positivity and peace.
Of course, I have to admit that not all the time I am positivity and peace personified. As is expected of a child of my age, I have a full and often chaotic life crammed with various activities and chores. But, with a few conscious adjustments, I have discovered how to stay connected to my inner self and revel in contentment and peace.
After the 2013 catastrophe, I know things can change anytime, but as of today I am totally at peace with myself and everything around me.
Every day, as I wake up and watch the sun inch up above the horizon, my inner voice reminds me, "Living life is the biggest project you will ever undertake and it is worthwhile to live it properly. There is no end to craving and only contentment alone can lead you to happiness and peace. "
                                                                  BY-  Udayan Saha


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