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Composition Culture

India, our country, has for ages been known to the world for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, respect for life, higher values of life and spiritual attainments. It is acknowledged the world over the culture of India is very diverse, old, rich and all embracing. The superiority of India’s composite culture can be fully appreciated from the fact that this country has along been known in the whole world for its lofty values of life and peace-loving nature.
 The composite culture of our country is very rich and healthy because the traits of various religious and cults flourishing in this country side by side are prominently visible in its various aspects. This composite, culture is therefore, really said to be the soul of India- the life of the nation. 
Indian culture is a composite culture because here there is a protection and freedom of distinct identity even for religious and ethnic minorities. It is only in India that followers of any religion and denomination can profess, practice and propagate religion of their choice. It is all because of the secular character of Indian cultural strains flourishing side by side. No cultural or religious group can denominate any other cultural or religious group. We, the people of India must feel proud of having such a rich cultural heritage. Another important factor that has helped India to have its composite culture is the readiness of Indians to accept and adopt anything good coming from any direction. It is also because of the influence of our common social reformers who mentally prepared the people of this country to line together in peace and amity in spite of differences in beliefs and traditions.           


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